What truly matters is your thoughts
Not your notes

What truly matters is your thoughts
Not your notes

As a new note-taking tool, what makes us different?
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Easily go with the MEMO cards

No more titles and sorting, flomo allows you to write down thoughts like taking a conversation with yourself.

Better review the past MEMO

Daily review shows your past ideas, just like meeting old friends.

Quantify daily records

Visualize your progress through the statistics of MEMOs and tags.

Full platform sync

flomo is more than an app but a workflow, so we support syncing cross-platform so you can take MEMOs anytime, anywhere.

Build with the API

Many third-party developers have devoted their talents to building a better-customized flomo.

Never sell data and privacy

Determined to be a trustworthy app and never sell your data and privacy.
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About us

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it," Alan Kay said in 1989.
Growing out from today's mist, we hope to make a note-taking tool of inspiring thoughts.
Welcome to be one of us, and to enrich your knowledge in the future.
As independent developers, we care about your privacy.
We will never sell your private info to any third party for profit.
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